Helpful Info

Useful contacts

Stray animals

Clarence Valley Council – 02 6645 2266

Injured wildlife

WIRES – 02 6643 4055

Hobby farm animals

Including sheep, goats, alpacas and chickens
Maclean Veterinary Clinic – 02 6645 2864

Equine care

For equine care (e.g. dental care, geldings, pre-purchase exams) we recommend:

New to the area?

Then keep an eye of for the local paralysis ticks. These blood-thirsty parasites can be found year-round in the Lower Clarence region, although mainly in spring/summer. The clinic ‘tick-o-meter’ will give you an indication of the current risk.

Dog owners

Vaccinations critical in our area

We recommend that dog vaccinations also include protection against Leptospirosis – a bacteria transmitted by the urine of rats that live in the canefields.

Compulsory microchipping

Interstate clients should be aware that NSW legislation requires animals older than 12 weeks are implanted with a microchip.